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Hey there, my name is Alexandre Kikuchi and this is my private webpage to show what I am doing at the moment 🙂

I am an indie game developer in Brazil, now Creative Director and Partner at T4 Interactive, but also a board member of Abragames (a Brazilian Association of Game Developers). In the past I was Co-Founder of Odin Game Studio and Partner at Talent Matching. This is my page to show some of what I do here in my country. My main roles are company/business management, game designer, producer, programming and project management – not in this exact order 😉

In the past I used to work with IT (5 years), advergames and apps (3.5 years) and I am more than three years working with games only. In 2016 I took the decision to try some new ventures, with new entrepreneurs and added more goals to my professional career. I really want to create amazing games and also make something that can change people’s life.

Whenever I can, I will try to give you some tips, some of the good and bad things that happened to me during this time. The game industry in Brazil is still growing and we have a lot to learn. I already helped many game developers and there are others helping me, we are always learning and my professional mission is: develop great hits that people enjoy. During this time, I hope I can also make some money and make my family happy XD

I already met wonderful people around the world, I’ve been in Europe, Americas and I plan to visit many places, not only in professional way, but also for fun. I did many mistakes, but also I did many good things that I know made a lot of people happy.

Where I am today?

T4 Interactive